Efficient Amplifier Design

Trapped in the maze of harmonic control? Stuck in endless optimization loops? Get out of the trap with class-B2 (Ampsa class), the maximum-efficiency line and the impedance-matching capabilities provided in the Ampsa ADW. 

New impedance-matching features in Version 16 of the ADW include increasing the number of systematic search seeds used in finer searches and optimizations to up to 6400 from the 25 used before, setting the parasitic inductance for capacitors and the parasitic capacitance for inductors to force nulls or poles at specified frequencies above the highest passband frequency, limiting the harmonic control to specific frequencies instead of all harmonic frequencies, as well as controlling the transmission phase shift when T- or PI-section networks are synthesized in the ADW Analysis Module. When the transmission phase shift is controlled, a search can also be done for the smallest network with passband VSWRs below a value targeted.

Ampsa provides its customers with a structured amplifier design process for robust high performance RF and microwave amplifiers. Get started with the powerful Impedance-Matching Wizard (IMW) and then upgrade to the Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW). 

Harmonic control features are provided in both wizards for maximizing the efficiency of linear power amplifiers. Training can be provided on the software, as well as amplifier design in general and the wizards can be customized to improve the design flow. Source code licenses are now also available.

In addition to the option to buy a permanent license for the ADW, an annual subscription option is now also provided. Rates start at US $3900 per user per year.