Custom tailored licences can be made up to include specific modules in order to suit user-specific needs. Standalone, network, standard and professional licenses are available.

The software and the user's guide are supplied on a CD ROM disk. The installation programs, as well as any available updates can also be downloaded by licensed customers from the Private Download Section of Ampsa's web site.

The User's Guide is provided in Acrobat ReaderTM format (pdf files). 

Only computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems are currently supported (WindowsTM operating system; Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10). A fast computer (+1500MHz recommended), a fast graphics adapter (resolution: 1280 x 1024 or better) and a two-button mouse (Microsoft compatible) are recommended. A minimum of 4GB RAM is recommended.

The software is usually protected with a Gemalto Sentinel LDK USB key. Software-based license management options (Mirage Licence ProtectorTM) are also available. Standalone or network licenses can be provided.

Orders can be placed by e-mail ( Payment is required by wire transfer.

A table summarizing the different Ampsa IMW licensing options and Ampsa ADW licensing options can be downloaded. Please contact Ampsa for the latest and complete pricelist.


1.SINGLE-USER LICENSE GRANT. Ampsa's Impedance-Matching and Amplifier Design Software (© Copyright 1989-2021 Ampsa (PTY) Ltd.) are licensed, not sold. Ampsa grants the LICENSEE the non-exclusive right to use the software on one computer at a time, on the conditions outlined in this agreement. A license may also be issued free of charge for a fixed period of time for the sole purpose of allowing a potential customer to verify the capabilities of the software before a license is purchased. Circuits designed with the software during such a trial period may not be implemented in customer products until a license for the software has been purchased.

2. TERMINATION. Ampsa has the right to terminate this license if the LICENSEE fails to comply with any of the conditions in this agreement.

3. COPYRIGHT. The software is protected by international copyright laws and treaties, as well as intellectual property laws and treaties. All rights on the software, except for those explicitly granted in this license agreement, are reserved.

4. SOFTWARE PROTECTION. The software is protected against unauthorized use. The protection may not be removed or bypassed and no attempt to do so may be made.

5. REMOVAL, EMULATION, OR REVERSE ENGINEERING. Removal, emulation, or reverse engineering of all or any part of this product or its protection constitutes an unauthorized modification to the product and is specifically prohibited. Nothing in this license statement permits the licensee to derive the source or assembly code of files provided to him in executable or object formats.

6. RENTAL/LEASING OF THE SOFTWARE. The software may not be rented, licensed or leased.   

7. LIMITED WARRANTY. Ampsa warrants that the software performs substantially as described in the on-line help and the documentation provided.

8. LIABILITY. Ampsa disclaims all liability for direct, incidental, or consequent damages resulting from use of the software. Liability shall be limited to the correction of any errors reported while the software is under support, replacement of the software (while under support), or refund of the license fee. License fees will only be refunded during the first 30 days after which a license for the software has been obtained.

9. SUPPORT AND UPGRADES. Support and upgrades are provided free of charge during the first month. Thereafter, the support/upgrade fee is 15% of the license fee, at that time, per year. The right to have the software upgraded is withdrawn automatically if the software has been out of support for more than six months.

10. TRANSFER OF THIS LICENSE. The LICENSEE may permanently transfer all the rights granted under this license agreement to a third party, provided that the LICENSEE retain no copies of the software or the documentation, and that the third party agrees in writing to all the terms and conditions of this license agreement. If the software is an upgrade, all prior versions must also be transferred or destroyed. Written notice of such a transfer must be given to Ampsa.

Support agreements are not transferable. If support and upgrades are required by the third party, a new support agreement must be entered into with Ampsa. This option will only be available if it is requested at the time of transfer and if support on the software was still active on the transfer date.

11. GOVERNING LAW. The license agreement will be governed by the laws of South Africa and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.

12. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This is the entire agreement between the LICENSEE and Ampsa. It supersedes any prior agreement or understanding, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this license.

Ampsa reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and pricing of any of its software at any time without notice.

Octrober 31, 2021.